Practice Areas

Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody,
Child Maintenance, Wife Maintenance,
Division of Assets,
Judicial Separation
Advising you the best possible legal solution
and negotiating for you the best possible terms in a way that keeps the peace between you and your future ex wife/husband.

Employment & Labour

Constructive Dismissal, Forced Resignation, Retrenchment, Demotion, Termination,
Non-Payment of Salary, Illegal or Forced Salary Cuts, Unfair Employment Practices
Advising companies on HR procedures and
advising employees/workers
on their rights.


Blog, Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Whatsapp Group Chat,
News Media

Advising you on dealing
with situations in which someone has insulted or damaged your reputation towards other people or where someone
has sued you for defamation.


Drunk Driving, Drug Offences, Criminal Defamation,
Financial Crimes, Theft,
Sexual Offences, Assault

Assisting you legally in dealing with the police and the Court, remand procedures and Hearings, trial for the charge, mitigation for the sentencing (if found guilty or if guilty plea recorded), and appeal process (if appeal lodged against decision).


Breach of Contract, Breach of Privacy,
Commercial Torts, Commercial Crimes,
Debt Recovery
Advising you on commercial arrangements
and legal recourse/solutions
where commercial arrangements
were not complied with.

Personal Injury

Road Accidents,
Workplace Accidents,
Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence
Advising you
on your rights and
compensation in regards to injuries
that you’ve suffered.


Personal Bankruptcy,
Winding-Up of Companies,
Judicial Management
Advising you on your legal options when it comes to issues of bankruptcy and insolvency,
whether its your company, or yourself,
or another company or person
in which you are trying to initiate
bankruptcy or winding up proceedings against.

Intellectual Property

Copyright, Trademarks,
Patents, Industrial Design,
Trade Secrets
Advising you on your legal options if your
IP rights are infringed and
advising you on whether
you may be
infringing another
entity’s IP rights.
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